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Book Worms!

Getting our Book Room ready! The Kindergarten and First grade team, alongside our amazing Academic Coach worked around the clock to get our Book Room organized and functional for our staff 🙂

book room


Kindergarten Sight Words 2015-2016

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Kindergarten Sight Words

Get started on learning and practicing your sight words! These sight words that we will be learning are broken down by month not to overwhelm you or your student.  Practice fun ways to help your child learn his or her sight words. You can write the sight words on index cards and place them around the house. As you call out the word, have your child go and find the correct word, SIGHT WORD SCAVENGER HUNT!!!

Math, Math and more Math!!!

Encourage your student to keep practicing math strategies and techniques.

 Kindergarten Math Tips

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Literacy Tips!

Ways to help your emerging reader motivated and challenged.

 Kindergarten Literacy Tips


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Kindergarten Classroom ideas

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