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Hello all, my name is Danielle Purvine. I will be starting my fourth year at Hendricks Elementary School. I started off as a paraprofessional and now I am entering into my second year of teaching. I have had the absolute privilege of working/co-teaching with Mrs. Susan Byrd. Our love of teaching continues to grow every year. We love strategizing and working alongside our Kindergarten team at Hendricks to ensure that your student receives the most innovative, engaging, and enriching education he or she can possibly receive. We are always here for anything you and/or your child needs this year. Watching your student grow educationally into his or her own person and being able to see your student continue their love for learning is what teaching is all about. We are very excited for this upcoming year and we cannot wait to meet you and your student.

 Thank you for all that you do,

Ms. Purvine and Mrs. Byrd

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